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Permanent Marquee Solutions

Mr and Mrs Marquee is honoured to work alongside of the best event venues helping them to deliver an unforgettable experience for their clients. We provide our permanent marquees to venues interested in expanding their already amazing spaces into unique and untraditional outdoor experience.

The permanent marquees provided by Mr and Mrs Marquee is of the highest quality designed to suit he space provided by the venue. A complete hard wearing solution to withstand the elements of weather and durability of frames that last 15 years. The unique outdoor space remains onsite as a source of inspiration for mid-week site inspections.

The Deluxe Marquee combines functionality and luxury to create a high quality event space that can increase your venues profit at a low investment cost.

Marquee Specifications

Mr and Mrs Marquee offers popular clear - span widths of 8m 10m and 12m with an eave height of 3m. Each marquee is available with a complete range of accessories including sidewalls with clear windows, roof lining, glass wall and door systems, ABS solid walling system and flooring systems. We also provide complete lighting systems as well to add the wow factor to your night time events.

Long Term Lease Options

Marquees are available to business customers for outright purchase and to approved venues on a 2 - 5 year lease arrangement

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