Top 10 Tips For Planning a Marquee Wedding Reception Brisbane

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How To Plan a Marquee Wedding Reception


Top 10 Planning Tips For Planning a Marquee Wedding Reception Brisbane

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A marquee wedding can be the most romantic setting for such a special day, especially if you plan on holding the event at a location that is special to you. Whether it be the family farm, a stunning winery or your beautiful backyard, a marquee is a pop-up function venue in the location of your choice. However marquee weddings can also be extremely hard work; and a super big challenge…  here’s how to get it right and ensure you have a perfect day!

Marquee Wedding Reception Brisbane

  1.        Location

Pick a location that is not only special to you but also serviceable for your suppliers, easily accessible for your guests and suitable for a marquee. It can be on a family property, private house, winery or a garden wedding venue.

  1.        Weather

Plan for all options, have you thought about heating or cooling. If the weather is going to be great, consider just having the roof on the marquee but no walls, creating a great canopy that can be styled to your theme, and allows for great lighting options.

  1.        Surface

Try to have the marquee on a flat stable surface, if this isn’t possible consider having a floor put down for the event. All stiletto wearing guests will certainly thank you afterwards.  If you have a wedding of 80- 200 guests, you will need at least a flat space of 10m x 20m.

Marquee Wedding Reception Brisbane Mr and Mrs Marquee

  1.        Budget

Marquee weddings aren’t necessarily the cheaper option- they are more of a luxury option for your wedding- as everything needs to be hired in for your event. There are quite a few options to make the event more affordable; can you supply your own bar, linen or table centrepieces. Extra options such as lining and chandeliers can be omitted and you will still have the amazing setting.  A clear roof marquee can be a nice option, and you will save money on getting silk lining and draping- and you can see the stars through the roof of the marquee at night!

  1.        Keep it simple

Some of the most beautiful events have the smallest amount of styling. Think of key pieces that will make an impact.


  1.        Seating

Cocktail events require approximately 50% seating for your guests, think of creative ways to cover these requirements. Consider the type of chair that you would like as well- there is a lot of options- some more expensive then others:  Tiffany chair, Americana chair, ghost chairs, bentwood chairs, cross back chairs etc.

  1.        Marquee size

You need 1.2 square metres per person for a sit down event, 1 square metre for cocktail events. Then add your bar space, dancefloor etc. So for a sit down reception for 100 people you will need 120m2, plus your dancefloor, lets say 6m x 6m, plus 10m2 extra space = 166m2 minimum.  (so a 10m x 20 m Marquee would give you heaps of room!)

Marquee Wedding Reception Brisbane Hire

  1.        Lighting

There are lots of beautiful lighting options to go with for a marquee wedding- chandeliers, festoon lighting, fairy lights, paper lanterns, or coloured led lighting.

  1.        Coordinate

If you don’t have a function coordinator for your event, we recommend hiring a wedding coordinator to help oversee the setup of the marquee, and the running of the event on the day.  There are so many details that go into setting up and coordinating the decorations, as well as caterers and power-  so a wedding coordinator is worth their weight in gold!


10.    Trust your suppliers

The people you employ for your special day are experts, take them up on their advice.

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